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Our Allergy Clinic can assist you with identifying, diagnosing and treating your allergy conditions.

This includes:

  • Rhinitis/rhinosinusitis (Hay fever)
  • Allergic conjunctivitis
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Food reactions
  • Suspected latex allergy

We can help you through:

  • Skin Prick Testing (SPT)
  • Blood Tests
  • Allergy Diagnosis & Management Plans
  • Allergen Immunotherapy
  • Patch Testing

Skin Prick Testing (SPT)

Skin Prick Testing (SPT) is a common, widely practiced test to assess for immediate allergic reactions to certain allergens.

SPT helps to reduce your symptoms and medication needs by identifying the causes of your allergic symptoms such as cat, house dust mite, a species of grass pollen, or a specific food.

SPT is easily tolerated and provides minimal discomfort, however may feel 'prickly'. The results are available within 15 minutes of the test.

Allergen Immunotherapy

Allergen immunotherapy, or 'desensitisation therapy', is a widely used, effective treatment for people experiencing moderate to severe allergy symptoms.

Your doctor may provide you with more information regarding whether immunotherapy is suitable for you.


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