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Practice Nurse

I am a new graduate registered nurse who finished my degree last year in Queensland. I had the  honour of being nominated as a student leader at the university graduate ceremony. I have previous work experience in the residential aged care and community setting. I am passionate about helping people in the community, especially those who have less access to healthcare. I believe I will continuously learn and develop my nursing skills by working with the fantastic health professionals and multidisciplinary team in our clinic.

I am interested in tropical diseases, paediatrics, emergency care, and public health. Apart from nursing, I like playing tennis, watching movies, and doing yoga. All my lovely family live in my home country, South Korea, and I visit them every year. If you have an international background like me and feel homesick, feel free to talk to me and share your feelings. I am here to support you 😊


Practice Nurse


Practice Nurse

I am a registered nurse who graduated last year in Queensland and moved to Victoria to start my career as a nurse. I started my nursing career in an aged care setting in Bendigo then decided to challenge myself as a general practice nurse to develop my knowledge and skills more comprehensively. Since I started working here, I have enjoyed learning and experiencing a lot of different skills and patient cases within the supportive practice team. I am especially interested in chronic disease, trauma care, geriatrics and medical nursing. I would like to be a nurse who is able to provide safe and quality of nursing care to patients and always seek ways to further develop myself.

In my spare time, I love spending time with my friends, playing games and racket sports. I will be here to support patients coming to our clinic and happy to answer any questions you might have!  


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