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Travel Vaccines

Eastlink Family Medical is now accredited to administer Travel Vaccines and has the following vaccines available onsite:

Yellow Fever
Hepatitis A + B

Travel Consultations

If you’re planning on travelling soon, it is important to recognise that prevention is critical. At Eastlink Family Medical, the aim is to ensure you make the most out of your trip in a healthy and safe manner. Ideally, you should visit your GP  8 weeks before you travel, to discuss your health risks, prevention and coping with problems if they arise. This also allows time for your immune system to respond to the vaccination and takes into account multiple vaccinations.  

Doctors can advise on travel sickness, flying with children, common viruses overseas, travelling with a chronic illness and which immunisations you will require.

The vaccines you will need depend on a variety of factors – such as the destinations you are visiting, your immunisation history, age and overall health status. 

We have specific travel vaccinations available on site, including Yellow Fever Vaccine, Typhoid Vaccine, Rabies Vaccine and Hepatitis A + B.

If you have any further questions or will be travelling soon, we recommend booking in for a travel consultation either online or over the phone on 03 9088 8822.


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