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Eastlink Family Medical is now taking on NEW PATIENTS for Skin Checks.

Did you know that two in three Australians will be diagnosed with Skin Cancer by the age of 70? However, the good news is - 95 per cent of Skin Cancers can be successfully treated if detected early. You should become familiar with your skin, so you can notice any changes that might suggest an abnormality. 

  • Crusty, non-healing sores
  • Small, red, pale or pearly coloured lumps
  • New spots, freckles or moles that seem to change in colour, thickness or shape 

Annual Skin Checks are encouraged for individuals to comprehensively assess and examine any evidence of Skin Cancer. 

Eastlink Family Medical is now offering a high quality service towards the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers. This process involves a full skin examination, assessing any spots or lesions on the skin while using specialised imaging technology to accurately monitor and follow up any suspicious spots. 

If anything is of concern, it may be recommended to undergo a procedure to remove the spot or lesion before it causes further complications.

To book a Skin Check Appointment, please call 03 9088 8822 or make a booking via our Online Booking System.

Skin Procedures

If your medical practitioners suspect your spot or lesion is malignant in nature and can progress into or may be skin cancer, we can offer you Skin Cancer Surgery. For your added convenience, this is done at the practice by one of the experienced General Practitioners.

This is a quick and simple procedure, requiring local anaesthetic to numb the area before an excision is performed and then stitched up. Depending on the size and nature of the spot, this procedure could be as small as a biopsy, where a small amount of tissue is taken to be sent to a laboratory to confirm the diagnosis.

What to expect:

  • The doctor will prepare the area using a skin marker and local anaesthetic, under a hand held microscope.

  • The doctor will then begin the excision using a scalpel, following the lines of the markings in a eclipse shape.

  • The doctor will remove this area of tissue and send it to the laboratory to be examined for diagnosis.

  • If required, the doctor may then use a Bipolar Machine, which uses electrocautery to stop the wound from bleeding.

  • The doctor will then close the wound using stitches and apply tape to hold the stitches in place temporarily.

  • You will then require a follow up appointment 2 days post-procedure for wound care and again for removal of stitches when required.

All of the instruments used are sterilised using dry heat sterilisers, ovens and UV chambers. This ensures that all of our equipment is of the highest hygiene standard.

There is an out of pocket expense for all procedures that varies depending on the length of the procedure and the type of procedure. If you have any questions about what your procedure might cost, please call 9088 8822, or ask reception.

Please call us if you require any further information regarding Skin Cancer Surgery.

Ph: 03 9088 8822

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To book a Skin Check Appointment, please call 03 9088 8822. You are unable to book this appointment via our Online Booking System.

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