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At Eastlink Family Medical, we are pleased to offer physiotherapy as part of our patient care and wellbeing. Our physiotherapist is Accredited and holds the expertise to provide a range of evidence-based physiotherapist services. Sandeep Talwar is able to help with:

Pain Management 

  • Shoulder/Neck/Back/Hip/Knee/Ankle/Foot
  • Chronic pain conditions such as Arthritis
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Nerve Pain

Injury Management

  • Sporting and soft tissue injuries
  • Post fracture physio
  • Whiplash injuries

Women's Health

  • Pre and post natal physio
  • Pelvic floor and incontinence

Stress Management 

  • Breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, massage

Pre and post orthopaedic surgery

Muscle strength and conditioning

General fitness advice

For information regarding the pricing of physiotherapy services, please visit our Fees page.


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